We get you high... naturally!

Take the ultimate musical dance journey into the golden glow of sunset

As we know alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation. But how hard is it to break a habit when it’s accessible in every venue and it’s ingrained in the party culture.

The ironic thing is you can get high naturally, just through dancing, self expression and connecting with others. So our mission is to create the ultimate dance floor experience with the best music, people, natural setting and sunset locations to get you moving, vibing and connecting! To enable your full self expression on the dance floor our parties are themed to inspire fancy dress! It’s only a matter of time before you release the happy chemicals naturally, to lift your vibration.

After grooving into sunset you can look forward to a good night’s sleep, to rock your Sunday doing what you love - enriched in your mind, body and soul.

Our dance floors are completely drug and alcohol free, so take the unique opportunity to experience the natural high and enjoy making new friends through sober conversation and genuine connection.

The 5 Principles Of Xstatic Sunsets

Our 5 principles inspire everything we do and aimed to inspire you!

We are building a community which is inclusive, connected and encourages your full self expression (without fear of judgement). We support and inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves and live a happy & healthy life.

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You're invited

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Express & Inspire!

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Balance & Wellness

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Leave no trace