The 5 Principles Of Xstatic Sunsets


We have seen the power of principles to bring people together around core ways of being , acting and treating each other. At Burning Man events its what bonds everyone together and provides the guiding light for how the community grows and flourishes. And sets standards on respecting each other and the environment. Inspired by the 10 principles of Burning Man we created the 5 principles of Xstatic Sunsets.

Our principles incorporate the essence of some of our favourite Burning Man principles, including radical inclusion and radical self expression. We love how these principles create an environment where people can be themselves without fearing judgement. Its when you feel comfortable to let go and lose your inhibitions when the magic really starts to happen!

The 5 Principles:

You’re invited, no matter your age or background

Join a community of movers and shakers. Fear no judgement. Everyone is rocking their own vibe. We respect and admire each others uniqueness, form of expression and dress. So feel comfortable to come as you are or dress up to inspire. Bring your kids, bring your grandma, our parties brings us back together to move and connect.

1st Principle of Xstatic Sunsets.png

Express & Inspire!

Be ridiculous and have fun! Don’t hold back. This is the time to let go of social norms and truly express yourself. Dressing up allows us to step into a new character, let go and dance! Act up, entertain and form the tapestry of moving bodies to inspire and ignite the light in others. Add some colourful accessories or go all out, there is no judgement. You’re playing a role to inspire others to ‘move’ and truly let go!

Xstatic Sunsets first principle

Balance & Wellness

Set the intention to party sober and bring your natural energy. Our parties are so good you won’t need anything. Leave your substances at home and enjoy the natural high that’s waiting to rise inside you. We replace alcohol and chips with healthy drinks and food which nourishes you and lifts your vibration. You will need it! After 6 hours of dance you will be ready for a good night’s sleep, so you can rock your Sunday and dance into work on Monday morning.


Community - bring your friends!

Our vision is to grow the healthy dance community and promote the opportunities to dance more often to be happier and healthier. We encourage you to explore and discover the many conscious dance forms and events available most nights of the week. Share with your friends, lets grow the community and movement for sober dance.

community (1).png

Leave No Trace

Our beautiful nature sunset locations are the essence of what makes our parties so great! Uniting us as one, connecting us to the earth and allowing us to truly release in the golden glow of the sun. The least we can do is leave it as we found it (or potentially cleaner!). Look after your own rubbish, take it with you and feel good about preserving the wonderful nature for others to enjoy.


Our Vision

With these principles we hope to create a movement, driven by a community that supports and inspires each other and attracts new people into the sobe dance scene. We hope in turn this will inspire a more a more healthy party culture where people choose to moderate more and party sober more often lifting everyone’s vibration in life!