My Sober Journey To Inner Peace - Guest post by Erin


Short version: Today I am 80 days Alcohol Free. 

Long version: Last year I decided to take a break from drinking. I wasn’t a daily drinker but that didn’t mean alcohol wasn’t causing me problems. I often drank more than I planned which left me feeling bad about myself. Plus I would feel physically and mentally blah one or two days a week and my sleep was mediocre. I just knew I was destined for more than hangovers. 

So I took a hefty dose of science, learning more about what alcohol does to our bodies and minds. And also how hard the alcohol industry works to influence culture. That, plus joining the Daybreak app has made this ride much easier than I expected (surprise surprise, community is healing). Over the past few years when I stopped for Dry July I always felt a little deprived like I was missing out. Those thoughts happen rarely this time around, most of the time I just don’t want to drink. Occasionally I’ll have a craving but it’s often related to fitting in, old associations or the romantic image alcohol has. It passes when I remember how much better my life is now. 

I feel so much healthier. I sleep great, I am WAY more level headed emotionally, and I NEVER hate myself now. I enjoy early mornings for meditation, yoga, or the beach. I’m back to the Erin who is just excited to be alive and experience the world with the senses nature gave me. I still go out, dance, party and socialise. I clearly remember conversations and feel human connection more genuinely. If I had to summarise how I feel in one word it would be PEACE. I’ve been chasing inner peace my whole adult life and it’s starting to wash over me, I can’t wait to see how it feels a year or ten down the track. 

Anyway just thought I’d share what’s been going on for me on the off chance it might help someone else.

Love you all, drinkers and non-drinkers alike, don’t be strangers xxx


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