How To Dress Up To Express!

You’re maybe feeling a bit anxious about your dress up costume for our Shark Island launch party. Especially with time running out. This is natural as the number of options can seem overwhelming with such a broad theme. You’re wondering what decade or pop idol should I dress up as? Doing a group dress up with mates and family can also be fun! And once you have a character in mind do you buy or hire and where do you go?

We hope to demystify the dress up process to make it fun! As it should be.

The first thing is it’s all about having the right mindset. A dress up party is a place of non-judgement and a really fun opportunity to go a bit crazy and bring out your child within.

One of our 5 principles is to Express, Play & Inspire! The more wild or silly your outfit the more admiration you get. But equally if you want to blend in that’s fine too. You simply cannot go wrong. Even if it’s just a fun wig and a wacky pair of sunglasses. See this as an opportunity to let loose, be wild and break away from the social norms to express yourself!

Let’s hear from the dress up master himself - stuck in a time wharp from the 60’s…

Which decade or pop idol will you dress up as?

So which pop idol inspired you growing up? Which rock star or artist got you dancing?

Untitled design (11).png

Maybe its KISS or the Beatles - which can inspire a group or family dress up!

Once you have a character in mind its like a picture to work from. What are the key accessories to give the look? A wig or headpiece is a great place to start. You can then work in other clothing items around this. Maybe is a pair of sunglasses your idol wore! What defined the artist that you can focus your costume on?

Or maybe its easier to go with the decade to inspire your outfit.

60’s - Is the flower power era and flares were the rage. Pulling off a hippy with a wig, flowery shirt and flares is easily done. Lots of good inspo in this article.

70’s - Transitioned from the hippy look to the disco era. You cannot go past an afro and bell bottom pants. This article is a good one to get the rundown on what to wear.


80’s - We love the spandex gym work out look with leg warmers. Pintrest is a great home for inspiration for that 80’s look!

90’s - you just can’t go past the raver look with fluro and acid smiley faces. But how many amazing artists could you take off from the Spice Girls to Take That…Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan!

Where to buy or rent? ..Discount codes below

While is can be fun browsing charity stores to discover something original and unique, as time is running out it’s easier just to head to your nearest fancy dress store or buy some accessories online. Or you can get creative and do your own DIY outfit. You Tube has lots of ‘how to’ videos with creative tips on how to emulate a particular character.

Fancy Dress Stores

Here are some great options in Sydney with a huge selection of options to hire a complete outfit and they also have accessories for sale. Its easy just to wander in and get assistance to find something that can inspire your whole outfit!

Snog The Frog - Surry Hills. They are offering a 10% discount if you mention your going to Xstatic Sunsets

Fancy That Costumes - Crows Nest. Running since 1987 with a great range of options to hire or buy. Mention Xstatic Sunsets to donate 15% to our mental health charity partners.

The Wardrobe - Near Chatswood. They have a huge selection of costumes for hire after running for 50 years!

Online Costume Stores

The two stores that have the best range and next day delivery or pick up from their Sydney locations are:

The Party People - Drummoyne. Offering a 20% discount code. Use: XSTATIC2019

The Costume Box - Brookvale, Offering a 20% discount code. Use: XSTATIC20

Have fun … See you on the dance floor!!