Finally a dance party that sets a good example for your kids


I don't have kids but I can imagine the fear most parents have with the risks associated with letting their kids go and party these days.  

With 6 drug related deaths over the last 6 months and the growing dependency for drugs to party it’s a real concern.  Particularly when buying substances on the black market, you don’t know what your getting! Not to mention the mental health implications of consuming alcohol and drugs.  

Having been in the party and festival scene for years and I have seen first hand what goes on.  But over recent years I have discovered the sober dance party scene, a movement which is growing at a rate of knots.  

Through this experience I have seen the possibility for a more healthy party culture in Australia.  Its with this mission we are launching Australia’s largest sober dance party, Xstatic Sunsets. On the 6th April we will be pulling off a spectacular dance party on Shark Island, which is safe, sober, all ages and family friendly. And trust me you wont need any substances to have the time of your life!

The Drug & Alcohol Problem

Let's face it, getting wasted is part of the Australian party culture. Most of us have done it, right?  Drinking to get drunk. Everyone does it so it’s become the norm and with access to alcohol in any venue it’s no surprise our younger generations just want to get on it!

On the other hand recreational drug culture have become ingrained in the dance party and festival scene.  The range of drugs available has grown, often leading to a cocktail of drugs taken to get high.

Speaking to a friend who is a school teacher she observes the negative impact of social media, in how this has lead to greater dis-connection and fear of judgement.  With the trend to maintain superficial instagram profiles, it’s no surprise inhibitions to let get go and be yourself are rising which drives the need for something to relax and enable the connection.  

At a festival recently, speaking to someone in their early 20’s on the topic of the alcohol and drug culture, he said as they spend less time face to face because of social media, they need something to lubricate the conversation and connect.

The ironic thing is alcohol and drugs (especially when taken in excess) does not enable genuine connection.  Typically you go inward and become less present in conversation. Its like your having a great time on the inside, but really your just stuck in your head rather expressing your true self and connecting with others.  And you will be lucky to remember the conversations you had the next day!

What’s even more sad about this reality is with the growing mental health problem of anxiety and depression people are looking for an escape, so naturally resort to alcohol and drugs to achieve this. But this just leaves us feeling worse afterwards, creating a downward spiral of dependency and can lead to addiction.

People are taking alcohol and drugs to escape the challenges they are facing in life, but it just makes their reality harder to face. Waking up after a big night out often leaves you feeling more disconnected and more anxious about the problems you were escaping from.

The opportunity for a more healthy party culture

But there is a positive irony to this story - you can party sober and get high naturally!   And it’s really good for you!

Through great music, movement and dance you can enable the release of the same happy chemicals that people take drugs to release.  You obviously need a really good party! The key is to lose your inhibitions by getting out of your mind and into your body to let the music make you move.  

Just like with a runner’s high you can release endorphins, along with other happy chemicals including dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Partying sober is good for you, both great exercise as well as enabling better conversation and more genuine connection. You wake up the next day at a higher vibration with the memories of the joy and connection you can remember!

This is why we created Xstatic Sunsets to a provide an epic dance party to enable the natural high and where there is no temptation to drink or take drugs. To help people lose their inhibitions our parties are themed to inspire fancy dress!  We know dressing allows people to let go of the fear of judgement and it’s a fun way to connect with others.  We are all just big kids after all. Deep down we all want to let go and have the permission to be ridiculous, just like when we were kids!

So we invite you to join us on Shark Island on April 6th, for a completely drug and alcohol free dance party that will set a good example, not only to your kids but the rest of Australia!    

Xstatic Sunsets kicks off at 1pm as hundreds depart our party boat in fancy dress following a Samba band (as the party starts on the boat!).  We then take you on a 6 hour musical journey through the ages as we play the best dance tunes from the 60’s to the present. The dress up theme is dress up as your favourite decade, rock band or pop idol.  A great opportunity for a family dress up! As we dance into sunset in nature on Shark Island we will connect around this beautiful time of the day.

Untitled design (11).png

Check out our full line up of world class DJ’s, dance facilitators and performers, which will get you moving and grooving!!  Including a 90’s house set from the legend himself, Phil Smart and a blissful deep house sunset set from Shane SOS. In addition we have creative workshops including body painting, drumming and a movement workshop from Tommy Franklin himself!  Along with health and wellness talks and sound healing on the beach, we aim to deliver an experience which raises your vibration naturally!

We will be capturing video footage of the day to push out the news media to show Australia you can have an amazing party sober.   Even if you cannot make it (or afford to come) we will be live streaming it online! So you can have an Xstatic dance party at home with your kids.

Let’s come back together around music and dance - and show our kids how to party!!

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